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Sustainable Electric Bikes Africa: Tolulope Olukokun

In rural and semi-urban areas, reliable and affordable means of transportation of farm produce from the farm to retail points is a pressing challenge; so also, the preservation of farm produce across the process of transporting them to the retail points. Limited and preservatory mobility for farm produce hinders agricultural development and food security. Through […]

i-FAIR Fellow Samson Ogbole

i-FAIR Fellow Farmer Samson Ogbole is one of many Nigerians who defy the odds in order to turn simple ideas into unique solutions.  This can enhance the way we lead our lives on the pathway to national development. This visioner of Soilless Farm Lab continues to define global agricultural best practices. He does this by

Planet 3R innovator and i-FAIR Fellow, Adejoke Lasisi

As the world continues to face the consequences of environmental pollution, the importance of finding solutions to address this challenge is urgent. Climate change and threats to human health are amongst the consequences; and in addressing them, innovative solutions are required. Success Story: Adejoke Lasisi i-FAIR Fellow Adejoke Lasisi is the CEO of Planet 3R.

i-FAIR Success Story: Dozie Igweilo

  i-FAIR Success Story- We celebrate our Fellow, Dozie Igweilo. As the founder and CEO of Quadloop Solar Lantern, he is raising the bar with his innovation “Idunnu”. It is an affordable, eco-friendly solar lantern and home system. Idunnu gave birth to his venture, Quadloop Africa.  Through his innovation, Dozie was accepted into i-FAIR, where

i-FAIR Success Story: Olumide Ogunbanjo

    i-FAIR Success Story- With the pillars of innovation and creativity holding the power to transform ideas into inventions, i-FAIR has been a catalyst for aspiring innovators and venture creators in Nigeria. Through i-FAIR, budding innovators, entrepreneurs and venture creators have found a safe haven for their ideas to be transformed into solution and enterprise.

i-FAIR Success Story: Small-scale farmers and seafood harvesters often face difficulties in accessing markets, which leads to reduced incomes and wastage of produce. At the same time, many urban households struggle to obtain high-quality protein-rich food, while the existing distribution channels are often inadequate and unsustainable. As a result, there is a pressing need for

i-FAIR Success Story: Goodness Tamuno

Introduction: i-FAIR Success Story- In Nigeria, where the unemployment rate is expected to reach 41% in 2023, the gap between human capital and venture creation poses a significant challenge. Recognizing the need to combine innovation with entrepreneurship, Goodness Tamuno began a mission to create a venture that could address this issue. Leveraging innovation, she focused

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