i-FAIR 3: Unveiling the Gamechangers for Nigeria’s Future

Introduction: About i-FAIR 3

Imagine a world where solar power isn’t just cleaner, but also rewards you with carbon credits. What about affordable urban farms that pop up right in your city, or AI-powered ear tags that monitor livestock health?

These aren’t pipe dreams – they are the brilliant realities born from the 3rd edition of i-FAIR in Nigeria. This initiative is a collaborative program between the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria and Innov8 Hub.  After several months of intensive research and development, a team of venture creators and innovators, through business mentorship and technical support from i-FAIR, unveiled over 10 incredible prototypes with the potential to revolutionize Nigeria’s developing economy.

Here’s a glimpse into the future:

  • Go Green, Get Rewarded: ecoWISE by Vectar  – This portable carbon credit system empowers solar developers, making sustainable energy even more attractive.
  • Urban Farms for All: Fully Automated Modular Circular Greenhouses by Kafilat Adedeji – Fresh, local produce can now be grown anywhere in the city with these ingenious and affordable greenhouses.
  • The Future of Scooting: IoT Embedded Systems by TREKK SCOOTERS – TREKK SCOOTERS isn’t just building electric scooters, they’re optimizing the entire business model with the help of the Internet of Things.
  • Power Up Your Day (and Night): Micro-energy solar product by Solaris GreenTech Hub – This versatile solar solution provides clean energy wherever it’s needed.
  • Aquastill: Aquastill is dedicated to enhancing access to clean water for both rural and urban residents through the development of a point-of-use nano clay water filter crafted from nanomaterials and clay.



  • Double the Power, Double the Impact: Solar Wind Hybrid System by Sirius-X Energy – Why rely on just one source when you can harness the combined might of solar and wind energy?
  • Clean Commute Revolution: Electric Keke Retrofit by Revive Earth– Say goodbye to fumes and hello to a greener ride! Revive Earth is transforming existing commuter vehicles into eco-friendly electric machines.
  • Early Detection Saves Lives: Prototype of a smart, portable, and compact wearable device for early detection of breast cancer by Nextwear Technologies – This potentially life-saving device could be a game-changer in the fight against breast cancer.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Jigs for process optimization by MitiMeth – Boosting industrial efficiency is child’s play with MitiMeth’s innovative jigs.
  • Precision Meets Agriculture: A Ground Chemical Mixing and Transfer System Prototype by Integrated Aerial Precision – This groundbreaking solution ensures accurate and efficient chemical application in agriculture.
  • Solar-powered Livestock Monitoring: Affordable solar-powered temperature monitoring ear tag by Grocircular Agro Services Limited – Keep your animals healthy and happy with Grocircular’s ingenious solar-powered ear tags.
  • Grain Safe: A grain storage chamber that prevents pest infestation of stored grains; keeping them safe for consumption. It addresses the SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.
i-FAIR 3: Welcome to the Future

i-FAIR 3 is more than an exhibition; it’s a breeding ground for future business leaders and innovators. These ventures are not just concepts – they are brimming with potential to create jobs, solve problems, and drive sustainable economic growth in Nigeria. The future is bright for Nigerian entrepreneurship, and i-FAIR 3 has been a powerful catalyst for innovation and venture creation.



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