Sustainable Electric Bikes Africa: Tolulope Olukokun

i-FAIR Success Story: Tolulope Olukokun

In rural and semi-urban areas, reliable and affordable means of transportation of farm produce from the farm to retail points is a pressing challenge; so also, the preservation of farm produce across the process of transporting them to the retail points. Limited and preservatory mobility for farm produce hinders agricultural development and food security. Through the visionary efforts of i-FAIR Fellow Tolulope Olukokun, this landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation.

The i-FAIR Success Story

Tolulope is the founder and CEO of Thinkbikes Limited. Thinkbikes is a social enterprise revolutionizing transportation in Nigeria, especially of farm produce to retail points. His success story is a testament to i-FAIR, as the melting pot where ideas are refined into ventures and enterprises.

With the guidance of experts and mentors of i-FAIR, Tolulope’s innovation received a boost, and his venture “Thinkbikes Africa” was launched in 2022.

The Venture Journey

At the heart of Thinkbikes is their flagship product, the Alpha 1.0 electric cargo tricycle. Designed to meet the demands of delivery and logistics, this vehicle incorporates over 90% locally sourced components and utilizes recycled battery cells from old laptops. Through these sustainable practices, Thinkbikes not only promotes a circular economy but also reduces costs. This makes their products more accessible and affordable in the market.

Sustainable Electric Bikes Africa: Tolulope Olukokun

Tolulope’s innovation has garnered widespread recognition and prestigious awards. Thinkbikes won the Nigeria SMSE Award 2022, it was among Top 10 Finalist at the Climate Launchpad (CLP) Global Grand Finals YEAR. In addition, these achievements have earned him the African Under-40 Green Award and the title of Global Youth Climate Network Ambassador. Tolulope was also a finalist for the Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs, an esteemed award celebrating innovators who tackle challenges through sustainable means.

Tolulope Olukokun’s success story is an example of how the i-FAIR empowers innovators, entrepreneurs and venture creators and change-makers, to realize their potentials.

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