i-FAIR Success Story: Eneyi Oshi

i-FAIR Success Story: Small-scale farmers and seafood harvesters often face difficulties in accessing markets, which leads to reduced incomes and wastage of produce. At the same time, many urban households struggle to obtain high-quality protein-rich food, while the existing distribution channels are often inadequate and unsustainable. As a result, there is a pressing need for a digital ecosystem that can connect small-scale farmers and seafood harvesters with consumers.

The i-FAIR Story

i-FAIR Fellow Eneyi Oshi is a young and enthusiastic leader who is committed to improving food security. As an outcome-driven agri-entrepreneur, Eneyi has a deep passion and extensive knowledge of agriculture. She is continually learning and contributing to the sustainable growth of her business venture. To develop her ideas further, Eneyi enrolled in the Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (i-FAIR).

i-FAIR Success Story: Eneyi Oshi

Through i-FAIR, Eneyi had access to critical resources, technologies, mentorship, and capacity building to advance her innovation. As a result, she was able to create a working prototype of her product, the Farmisphere Cold Box. This digital marketplace uses mobile cooling boxes that can be attached to delivery bikes, allowing fresh seafood and farm produce to be transported directly from small-scale farmers and seafood harvesters to urban households.


The Farmisphere Cold Box plays a crucial role in connecting farmers and consumers, ensuring that fresh produce reaches its destination in excellent condition while addressing the challenges of inefficient distribution channels and food wastage. Thanks to the i-FAIR community’s support, Eneyi was able to develop her prototype into a successful venture.

Eneyi’s innovative venture has earned her recognition both in Africa and around the world, including prestigious awards such as the Anzisha Prize Top 26 Youngest Entrepreneur in Africa and the CNN Audacious One 2022. Her success story is an inspiration to aspiring inventors and researchers, highlighting the importance of access to resources, mentorship, and capacity building in achieving sustainable business growth. Ultimately, Eneyi’s dedication to improving food security and enhancing the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and seafood harvesters demonstrates the transformative impact of innovation in agriculture.

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