i-FAIR Success Story: Olumide Ogunbanjo

i-FAIR Success Story: Olumide Ogunbanjo



i-FAIR Success Story: Olumide Ogunbanjo

i-FAIR Success Story- With the pillars of innovation and creativity holding the power to transform ideas into inventions, i-FAIR has been a catalyst for aspiring innovators and venture creators in Nigeria. Through i-FAIR, budding innovators, entrepreneurs and venture creators have found a safe haven for their ideas to be transformed into solution and enterprise.

Before getting enlisted into i-FAIR, Olumide Ogubanjo had been working on promoting sustainable farming through the use of honey bees as pollinators in small-holder farming systems. At i-FAIR, he was able to access the necessary resources, technologies, mentorship and capacity enhancement to further develop his innovation and prototype of the iSmart Hive; as well as collect data on air quality, rainfall/humidity, temperature/sun intensity, soil moisture variations, honey production rate/volume, and GPS tracking/farm mapping for better bee, soil, and crop management.

His venture has earned him several awards and investment funds, including the Grand Winner Total Africa Start-upper of the Year award in 2019. This innovation in sustainable agriculture has made him a pacesetter and his venture continues to contribute to food security, agricultural development and economic growth in Nigeria.

i-FAIR Success Story- i-FAIR continues to be a breeding ground for Nigerian innovators in the pursuit of transforming their ideas into innovations and enterprises.

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