About i-FAIR

Welcome to i-FAIR; the program for entrepreneurs and innovators. i-FAIR is an initiative of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

With the mandate to empower INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, ENTREPRENEURS, and VENTURE CREATORS in Nigeria, i-FAIR was born out of the need to tackle local challenges with innovative made-in-Nigeria solutions; for the overall goal of inspiring Nigeria to become a start-up nation.

Through the 6-month program, i-FAIR provides participants with the necessary resources and support to transform their ideas into innovations and sustainable ventures that can create jobs and generate wealth for Nigerians and Nigeria.

We have successfully implemented 3 editions of i-FAIR, with a total of 63 FELLOWS and 56 PROTOTYPES DEVELOPED. This was achieved in over 1,300 mentorship hours, supporting over 100 ideas and witnessing inspiring success stories of i-FAIR Fellows who have transformed their ideas into ventures such as Thinkbike, Soilless Farm Labs, Quadloop Africa, Eco Circular Solution, who have gone ahead to attract investment and become successful enterprises.
We understand the challenges facing the innovation ecosystem in Nigeria and have identified them as an opportunity to provide relevant, beneficial, and unique support systems to our Fellows.

At the heart of i-FAIR is Innov8 Hub, the implementation partner of i-FAIR, which provides access to their innovation hub, facilities, cutting-edge technology, mentorship and expertise. Selected Participants arrive at i-FAIR at different stages. Some haven’t started developing the product yet, and others have an initial prototype or have been launched for a year or more. Whatever stage a startup is at when they arrive, our goal is to help them to be in significantly better shape 6 months later: to have a better product with better market fit, and to have more options for raising money.

At i-FAIR, we are committed to supporting innovation and empowering aspiring inventors and venture creators in Nigeria, to transform their ideas into Inventions.

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