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i-FAIR 3 in Progress!

During the initial Bootcamp participants were immersed in the essential processes and procedures of product development, commercialization of innovation and transforming ideas into  ventures.

The journey continues as the participants will be working closely with i-FAIR mentors and experts, along the processes of Market Validation, Prototype Development, Field Testing, Feedback, Prototype Perfection, Product Pitching to Investors…

About i-FAIR

Welcome to i-FAIR; the program for entrepreneurs and innovators. i-FAIR is an initiative of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

With the mandate to empower INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, ENTREPRENEURS, and VENTURE CREATORS in Nigeria, i-FAIR was born out of the need to tackle local challenges with innovative made-in-Nigeria solutions; for the overall goal of inspiring Nigeria to become a start-up nation.

Through the 6-month program, i-FAIR provides participants with the necessary resources and support to transform their ideas into innovations and sustainable ventures that can create jobs and generate wealth for Nigerians and Nigeria.

We have successfully implemented 2 editions of i-FAIR, with a total of 63 FELLOWS and 56 PROTOTYPES DEVELOPED. This was achieved in over 1,300 mentorship hours, supporting over 100 ideas and witnessing inspiring success stories of i-FAIR Fellows who have transformed their ideas into ventures such as Thinkbike, Soilless Farm Labs, Quadloop Africa, Eco Circular Solution, who have gone ahead to attract investment and become successful enterprises.


We understand the challenges facing the innovation ecosystem in Nigeria and have identified them as an opportunity to provide relevant, beneficial, and unique support systems to our Fellows.

At the heart of i-FAIR is Innov8 Hub, the implementation partner of i-FAIR, which provides access to their innovation hub, facilities, cutting-edge technology, mentorship and expertise. Selected Participants arrive at i-FAIR at different stages. Some haven’t started developing the product yet, and others have an initial prototype or have been launched for a year or more. Whatever stage a startup is at when they arrive, our goal is to help them to be in significantly better shape 6 months later: to have a better product with better market fit, and to have more options for raising money.

At i-FAIR, we are committed to supporting innovation and empowering aspiring inventors and venture creators in Nigeria, to transform their ideas into Inventions.

Areas of Focus

FOOD SECURITY (Agriculture and Food Technology)

Solutions that increase productivity as well as address challenges around food processing and supply chain.


Solutions which will increase the accessibility to proper advanced health care.


Solutions which increase access to proper education suited to the local content and learning environment, including AI in education, learning tools and more.


Solutions that reduce or eliminate waste, from product design to its end of life. For example, utilizing waste by turning it into useful products.


Solutions that serve rural and/or peri-urban communities not adequately served by the national grid, addresses a real energy-access issue across any part of the value chain.


Solutions that improve manufacturing/small scale manufacturing capacity.


Solutions that will solve challenges in infrastructure and maintenance, including quality assurance.


If the idea you are passionate about does not fall into any of the above, but has a proven need/demand, please feel free to apply. We know that passionate entrepreneurs with surprising ideas may be the greatests


  1. VC, Hub or an innovation & entrepreneurship program are invited to nominate candidates by filling our short nomination form. Once the form is filled in, It will provide a link to share with the candidates where they will find the application form which they should fill in.
  2.  Screening process
  3. Online pitching competition- Shortlisted candidates will pitch to our selection committee which includes investors, stakeholders and experts. Candidates will be assessed based on their value proposition, market needs,  entrepreneurial and technical skills.
  4. Selected teams will enter our product development journey which includes:
    • Online office hours and workshops with experts from Innov8 Hub and from our network aimed at validating/improving product market fit & value proposition, providing hands-on support on product development, from product design to production. 
    • Bootcamps at Innov8 Hub Abuja: depends on stage and  readiness – participants will be invited to 1-2 product development bootcamps at Innov8 Hub, which is equipped with high-end technology, machinery and the expertise needed for prototyping and product development, from product design to fabrication. 
    • Depends on readiness- Access to potential partners for piloting/testing
  5. Showcase event – exhibition of prototypes/MVPs/products, pitching to investors and potential partners.
    • For all in-person bootcamps- travel expenses are sponsored and accommodation and feeding provided. 


i-FAIR Vision

Nigeria is blessed with a wide innovation support services ecosystem, including hubs and incubator programs. Most hubs and programs provide great business development support, networking and access to investors. However many startups/entrepreneurs whose solutions include a hardware component, still lack the ability to develop their technology/product locally. i-FAIR seeks to join forces with the innovation support ecosystem and strengthen it by providing entrepreneurs and innovators with the full package that they need to develop their product. From product design, through prototyping to small scale production, i-Fair program optimizes the use of locally sourced materials and encourages production in Nigeria using innovative methods and techniques.


I FAIR 3 Bootcamp

Unlocking Innovation & Venture Creation: i-FAIR 3 Bootcamp Recap

Introduction i-FAIR 3 Bootcamp: In a remarkable partnership among the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria, the Nigerian Government and Innov8 Hub, participants at the 3rd edition of i-FAIR embarked on a transformative journey, heralding a new era of innovation. This inaugural phase of i-FAIR 3 has set the stage for catalyzing innovation

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i-Fair 3 Commences

i-FAIR 3 Commences at Innov8 Hub with First Batch of Participants

Introduction i-FAIR 3 Commences: The Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (i-FAIR) has kicked off its third edition at Innov8 Hub, Abuja. This fellowship was founded by the embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria and the office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with the aim of empowering

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Sustainable Electric Bikes Africa: Tolulope Olukokun

i-FAIR Success Story: Tolulope Olukokun

In rural and semi-urban areas, reliable and affordable means of transportation of farm produce from the farm to retail points is a pressing challenge; so also, the preservation of farm produce across the process of transporting them to the retail points. Limited and preservatory mobility for farm produce hinders agricultural development and food security. Through

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i-FAIR Fellow Samson Ogbole

i-FAIR Success Story: Samson Ogbole

i-FAIR Fellow Farmer Samson Ogbole is one of many Nigerians who defy the odds in order to turn simple ideas into unique solutions.  This can enhance the way we lead our lives on the pathway to national development. This visioner of Soilless Farm Lab continues to define global agricultural best practices. He does this by

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Planet 3R innovator and i-FAIR Fellow, Adejoke Lasisi

i-FAIR Success Story: Adejoke Lasisi

As the world continues to face the consequences of environmental pollution, the importance of finding solutions to address this challenge is urgent. Climate change and threats to human health are amongst the consequences; and in addressing them, innovative solutions are required. Success Story: Adejoke Lasisi i-FAIR Fellow Adejoke Lasisi is the CEO of Planet 3R.

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i-FAIR Success Story: Dozie Igweilo

i-FAIR Success Story: Dozie Igweilo

  i-FAIR Success Story- We celebrate our Fellow, Dozie Igweilo. As the founder and CEO of Quadloop Solar Lantern, he is raising the bar with his innovation “Idunnu”. It is an affordable, eco-friendly solar lantern and home system. Idunnu gave birth to his venture, Quadloop Africa.  Through his innovation, Dozie was accepted into i-FAIR, where

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technical partner



Samson Ogbole

“i-FAIR is an opportunity to understand your ideas, as you get to question your thoughts, align with your ultimate vision and get the privilege to bring it to life with the help of experts. You get to develop a product or service, understand your business model and get access to a network of mentors who you can leverage to build a sustainable profitable business”

Samson Ogbole; Founder - Soilless Farm Labs

“i-FAIR had impacted immensely toward the growth of Quadloop. Although we had an existing prototype, it was not up to the standard we wanted. i-FAIR helped us improve our product design, utilize more electronic waste materials, and increase cost effectiveness. Today, we have a product that is cost effective and of international standard.”

Dozie Igwelu; Founder - Quadloop

“i-FAIR was key to our product development. It was there we got all the missing links to make our product ready for market. We had great sessions with experts from Israel and Nigeria, had 3D design and printing from the labs which formed the basis of our success. I am glad i-FAIR is back to help more Nigerians. PLEASE, take advantage of this rare opportunity.”

Tolulope Olukokun; Founder - ThinkBike

“We came to a place where everywhere my team and I looked, there was an innovator on a grand idea putting in the work to deliver something promising. For us, it was like being a kid in the candy store. We have been empowered with business skills and can’t say enough about what i-FAIR has done for us. We are focused on ensuring these efforts do not go to waste.”

Nathaniel George; Founder - Chest Meter

“Aside from improving my product “ECOceiling Tiles-ceiling tiles made from waste paper, i-FAIR provided me an opportunity to build a business case for my start-up through venture creation classes. Truth be told, I would not have been where I am (my company inclusive) today without the life-long impact of the i-FAIR program. i-FAIR opened me to many opportunities through mentorship and networking. I have won several grants, awards and partnerships both national and international, because the i-FAIR program nurtured me. I am forever grateful.”

Adebayo Babatunde; Founder - Eco Circular Solution
Mayowa-Abejirin (1)

“i-FAIR has been instrumental to the progress we have made so far at EpochZero. Creating our Business Model Canvas and developing our prototype during the bootcamp with expert guidance from mentors has helped to crystallize our idea and put us on the path for more successes. We were admitted into one of the top accelerator programs in the world, US MassChallenge, shortly after i-FAIR. And shortly after US MassChallenge, we were also admitted into the Intel program, Intel oneAPI for Startups as their first ever African program member. We have made significant progress at EpochZero because i-FAIR gave us a platform, when all we had was an idea, and we will always be thankful for the opportunity.

Mayowa Abejirin; Founder - EpochZero
Eneyi Oshi

“The i-FAIR program was very transformative, it took my business idea from 1-100. Getting a fully furnished work lab to develop my prototype from scratch, under the mentorship of seasoned experts, remains a huge win for my business.”

Eneyi Oshi; Team Lead - Farmisphere
Achi Naujied

“i-FAIR has been able to help me automate the local mortar & pestle for ginger processing, thereby increasing my output. Furthermore, I have learned a lot about business enterprises and financials from mentors worldwide on the platform offered by i-FAIR.”

Achi Naujied; Founder - Achi Greens

“The i-FAIR Program was instrumental in assisting my start-up, Mellopads, with prototype development. The program provided us with the resources and assistance we needed to enhance and advance our product development process. In addition to technical assistance, I got crucial business consulting services, mentorship, and networking opportunities that helped me long after the program ended. The organizers of the program have been invaluable in giving continuous assistance and direction to help me overcome the obstacles of running a business. Overall, I strongly suggest the i-FAIR Program to any entrepreneur wishing to accelerate the growth and success of their business. The program offers an unparalleled bundle of resources and support in the business.”

Abigail Ogunyemi; Founder - MelloPads
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