i-FAIR 2020/21 Innovations



iSmart hive is an IOT based sustainable farming tool, that helps to foster rapid bees colonization, towards active pollination of crops. It also collates the following data from the immediate environment for better bees, soil and crop management: air quality, rainfall/humidity, temperature/sun intensity, soil moisture variations, honey production rate/volume, and GPS tracking/farm mapping.


This is a portable power storing extension. It is used as a normal extension, the system detects that there is the power supply and starts charging its internal battery which can be used at any time. It has a 50000mAH battery capacity. Currently,  45% of Nigerians are without electricity and many more have less than 3 hours of daily electricity. How would the 188 million persons with mobile devices charge their devices without electricity?  This situation offers a lot of opportunities for Sisapower.


A cutting-edge device using intelligent solar drying technology incorporated with sensors and controllers to dry perishable food crops with a predetermined moisture control level in conformity with international standard drying requirements. Since the traditional way of drying food outside in an open field gives room for dust, insects and germs into the food. More people are now resorting to solar dryers. Solar dryers help in the reduction of post-harvest losses in a cost-efficient manner, improve quality of food and generate additional income and also create more employment opportunities.


Electricity Dispenser (EDIS) is an IoT-powered smart electricity metering solution that promotes transparency in energy-based transactions between suppliers and electricity customers. It affords electricity customers a portion of control while maintaining quality service delivery and assurance of revenue to the energy supplier. EDIS is designed for both On-Grid and Off-Grid electricity suppliers. EDIS, with complex arithmetic and logic functions and an embedded metering facility, supports multiple single-phase electricity customers, three-phase electricity customers, and single-phase electricity customers.



Baseline is an efficient and cost-effective device that will help health care workers and those living with disability to measure their weight without having to lift them from their wheelchair. It is comfortable, saves time and manpower as it reduces the amount of time spent weighing patients from 25 minutes to less than 2 minutes. It is safe as it helps to reduce accidents by over 60%.


This machine is able to de-feather four birds in 30 seconds. This machine offers a combination of efficiency as well as time-saving options for swift processing of poultry for farmers and vendors. Because defeathering is the most rigorous of the steps in slaughtering a chicken, a poultry farmer can hardly process anything from 50 chickens without a defeathering machine and this has the implication of limiting the commercialization of the poultry business in the country. With 160 million Nigerian consumers and an annual demand of 500 billion nairas, this bird defeathering machine has the potential to deliver on the 1.2 trillion nairas commercial value of poultry production.




Farm IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is a modular solar-powered solution that uses artificial intelligence to detect and identify a potential threat to farmland at a distance before it arrives at the farm and sends an SMS alert to the farmer and security agency informing them of the threat and type of threat. It does not use internet connectivity for its operation as image processing is done within the system.


A mechatronics farming tool designed and built to circulate fish excretes dissolved in water from the fish pond to the grow bed so that the plants in the grow bed can absorb the waste as a rich nutrient, utilize it for its growth, and then purifies the water for the fish intake while the cycle repeats. The global aquaponics market size is valued at 580 million USD to 630 million as of 2018, according to a Business Intelligence report. The report forecasts the demand to grow at a CAGR  of 14.5% – 15.5% going through to 2025.




Aquaclose is a recirculatory aquaculture system that enables waste and harmful water conversion into less harmful products and by such allows the reuse of the water. The main components include the fish culture system, filtration/ sedimentation tank, biological and oxygenation tank, submersible pump, and ultraviolet light.



Òkè is a sustainable accessory Nigerian brand that creates bag pieces with the end in mind; for a smooth integration into a circular economy. The minimalist bags take pride in the use of recycled plastics as a major component. Each bag is painstakingly handcrafted from the plastic recycling stage to the bag finishing stage. With the use of indigenously sourced fabrics and homogenous plastics, Òkè bags boast of an aesthetic blend of colors.



This device is used in the application of herbicides and pesticides on farms. Spraying is achieved by wheeling the device which generates power from the wheels to activate the pump thereby converting oscillatory motion to reciprocating motion.


A thermal insulation material from Agricultural by-product of Calotropis Procera (Sodom Apple) fibre for use in thermal devices/systems in order to solve problems associated with synthetic thermal insulation (eg. glass fibre, polystyrene, mineral wool etc).




This micro-hydro turbine generator generates electricity by floating it on a river or stream or by placing it on any waterways to generate electricity without a dam.  It can be adjusted to suit any waterways. It is easy to install and built from locally sourced materials to solve power problems in rural areas.


Solar water pump system is an electrical pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or several Photovoltaic (PV) panels. It consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore pump, a plastic-based pump that results in less production cost than stainless steel material used in many solar pumps currently. The water is often pumped from the ground or stream into the farm directly for irrigation purposes. It is a socially and environmentally attractive technology to supply water for irrigation especially in locations that have no reliable source of power or are beyond the reach of power lines at a very affordable cost, unlike the other solar-powered pumping system. These Solar water pumps can replace the current pump systems and result in both socio-economic benefits as well as climate-related benefits.




This device provides oxygen to the lungs at controlled parameters for patients with respiratory distress such as COVID-19 patients, asthmatics, etc. It is incorporated with a back up battery to keep it functional in the absence of power outage. Inspiration and expiration ratio, pressure of oxygen as well as the volume can be regulated to meet up with the patients demands.


Aadana is a smart solar-powered fresh food storage system. The system maintains regulated humidity and temperature, kills microbes with UV light, while using IoT. It records the condition of the fresh food and the working condition of the storage system and logs it into the cloud. The World Bank forecasts that by 2030, the food market in Africa will grow to be a US$1 trillion industry. Nigeria will need to intensify its investments in improving agriculture yield and integrating the value-chain over the next decade to effectively capture a significant share of the US$1 trillion markets. Aadana is impacting the economy by solving the food loss problem that reduces income by at least 15% for farmers and downstream value chain actors, most of whom are the 1.2 billion people who suffer food insecurity. Potentially, Aadana is creating investment value by meeting the quantity, quality, and timing requirements of customers thereby increasing demand and profitability.




RescuePlus is a car accident detection and rescue solution. This solution saves lives by decreasing the time required for information to reach emergency responders. The system employs the use of smart sensors to detect car crashes and reports the exact time and location of the accident to the relation of the victim and emergency responders for rescue. It will also enable collaborative driving which helps other users to generate road/traffic status and conditions to people within their network. It will create reliable and accurate data for the government to make policies, address infrastructural deficits and challenges on different roads facilities.


This is a liquid Potassium Biofertilizer composed of microorganisms that produce potassium, hence the name. Biofertilizers are an eco-friendly and organic alternative to chemical fertilizers which affect the fertility of Nigerian soils and are mostly imported.  According to FAO (2001), Nigeria is one of the countries with high declining soil fertility, yet chemical fertilizers (such as the compound 15-15-15) have been widely adopted by 70% of the Nigerian farmers. In order to correct nutrient deficiencies in the soils,  farmers have utilized chemical fertilizers, however it’s continuous use has contributed to intensifying the soils infertility. For this reason, our product is a Biofertilizer that restores the  soil  fertility  using beneficial microorganisms. It solves the problem of widespread infertile soils and poor harvest quality caused by Chemical fertilizers in Nigeria. Unlike the chemical counterparts, these Biofertilizers are sustainable with long term advantages and promote clean food production.



Bird Electronic Repellent is a modern electronic device designed to use an Artificial Intelligence Network for bird detection and a sound system that emits a sound that repels the birds away from farmland or any area affected by damaging birds. In doing so, it secures food crops (grains) and other relevant investments against bird damage. The motivation behind this invention is to solve the growing problem of food shortages and loss of annual revenue because of bird menace. The seasonal farming yield would be optimized when physical factors that affect crop yield such as birds attack, are controlled. BDS brings about improved food crop production thereby leading to an increase in revenue generation. The system is to be mounted on a strategic location that will overlook a wide area of farmland. The electronic device has the capability to be powered by a battery or solar photo-voltaic system, with the help of a voltage regulator. The global bird repellent market size was USD 315.2 million in 2019 and is projected to reach 40.7 million in 2027 exhibiting a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period




This device automatically switches from generator power to main power (PHCN) and turns off the generator. It also protects your building from high and low voltages, and has special features like generator timer and automatic generator start up (for key-starter generators)


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