Agriculture and Food Security/Food Tech

IMG_20211116_102903_6_2 - KABIR ABDULRAZAK

Kabir Abdulrazak

A smart eggs incubator powered by gas, limiting the need of excess to electricity

Farmer Samson Ogbole - Samson Ogbole

Samson Ogbole

Solles Farm Labs are developing vertical (aquaculture) farming systems, enabling farming in urban and peri urban areas while maximizing space

IMG_11112021_221130_(450_x_450_pixel) - Asibe Fred

Asibe Chimezie Fred

A rice planting machine

Optimized-C360_2019-03-14-00-41-54-499 - Ibrahim Mohammed

Ibrahim Muhammed Musa

Commodity.ng – show casing live spot prices of commodities

Screenshot_20201013-230452_2 - achi greens

Achi Nuajied A.

Implementing a “Zero Waste model in the processing of ginger to 20 products

Samuel Adewumi Headshot - Adewumi Samuel

Samuel Olalekan Adewumi

Integrated Bio-Fuel Farming system

ECEA6AA4-68F7-4E49-9F66-845FE9B35443 - Emmanuel Benson

Emmanuel Benson

Connecting surplus food and farm produce to consumers at half the prize whilst reducing food waste.

Screenshot_20211116-105138_Gallery - Eneyi Shalom Oshi

Eneyi Oshi

Farmisphere is a digital marketplace utilising solar freezing boxes attached to delivery bikes to supply urban households quality food products thereby providing smallholder farmers & seafood harvesters timely market access.

BEDEA93C-AC67-4BDD-B1F3-B90D09316877 - Yvonne Ogah

Ogah Yvonne Igo

An Online Digital Platform – that provides local and small holder poultry farmers access to instant and reliable veterinary services, market visibility and logistics.

5432dd61-a1dc-4daf-b072-0da5238351b3 - Oludare Dipe

Oludare Dipe

Elevating small holder farmers out of poverty by improving their output conversion and earning capacity while creating food security by delivering staple groceries to Nigerians at the lowest prices.

IMG_20210929_181010_400 - Abdullahi Orire

Abdullahi M. Orire

Solar powered auto feeder, auto-water recycling multipurpose automated aquaculture system.

20211116_174352 - owura josiah (1)

Owura Josiah Ekene

An IoT based system that monitors and records soil nutrient value and soil quality

Screenshot_20210603-090611_2 - EMEKA ORIAKU

Oriaku Emeka Stephen

Abacha slicing machine

Sunkanmi Oluwaleye

Sunkanmi Oluwaleye

A smart dehydrator, with full configuration and monitoring over a web interface,

Joshua passport - Josh

Joshua Gbenle

A solar powered smart and automate mushroom farm

Renewable Energy/ Environmental Management

IMG-20210708-WA0006 - Tolulope Olukokun

Olukokun Tolulope Opeyemi

Thinbikes -Electric Road bikes and cargo bikes locally manufactured, for ride sharing and lease to individuals and businesses in urban and rural communities for affordable clean mobility of goods and people.


Olufemi Ogunkeye

Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), comprises of Solar roof tiles & Photovoltaic glass

IMG_20211116_151158 - Ejikeme Nwosu

Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu

Invention of Technology that converts urine and other wastes into electricity.

Photo (2) - Solomon Madu

Madu Solomon

Using sustainable material for fabrication of polymer based electrical insulator

Hussein_s_Headshot-removebg-preview - Hussein Orekoya

Hussein Orekoya

Head protection gear; produced from waste.

IMG_20210628_222043_243 - Gideon Onyewuenyi

Gideon Onyewuenyi

Using AI , to collect Air Quality Data and deliver Assessment and Analysis

Dozie - chidozie igweilo

Dozie Igweilo

QuadLoop is an electronic manufacturing company that leverages waste to build sustainable solar lanterns and home systems.


Olatunbosun Obayomi

Circular urban wastewater management . Generating green energy and clean water while cleaning up wastewater and protecting the environment.

IMG_20191122_184755 - Magnus Emenuga (1)

Magnus Emenuga

Magnum solution is a hybrid hardware and software assembly, that intelligently monitors the state of any engine system


Anolue Chidinma Nnenna

Use of Agricultural waste products to produce pulp

CVpic (2) - Ikponmwosa Omorusi

Omorusi Ikponmwosa

A vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) converts kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy which in turn can be converted into electricity.

IMG-20210826-WA0033_1630001100717 - Dr. Toyosi Igejongbo

Igejongbo Toyosi. F

FROM WASTE TO WEALTH converting Human feces into fertilizers.

Ekejiuba Kingsley headshot - Ekejiuba Kingsley D.

Ekejiuba Daberechi Kingsley

Production of packaging bags of different forms, shapes and sizes, using a bye-product of cassava.

img Adebayo Babatunde Rasheed

Adebayo Babatunde Rasheed

we reduce environmental pollution/disaster, promote eco-friendly culture and restore our ecosystem via purchasing, collecting and gathering of waste materials, and recycling them into a useful finished products such as ceiling board tha, made from recycled wastes

IMG-20180814-WA0002 - Planet 3R

Adejoke Lasisi

Planet 3R is a social enterprise dedicated to converting textile and plastic wastes into eco-friendly products using the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to save our planet Earth by weaving them into innovative items.

DSC_8258 (2) - Sodiq Usaefat (1)

Usaefat Sodiq Adeniyi

PolyBlock is an “affordable and eco-friendly” construction material manufactured from “polymer waste (plastics) and natural fillers (sand)”

IMG_20211117_161244_962 - ekwunife chris

Ekwunife Onyeka Christian

Water level monitoring and control system -automatically switches OFF the water pump

IMG_20211116_102443_831 - Goodness Kelechi

Goodness Tamuno Kelechi-Ahunanya

GECO Brick recycles plastics wastes( PET Bottles, Nylons etc) to create ECOBRICKS that will improve durable and sustainable Road constructions.

Njoku Chioma - CHIOMA NJOKU

Njoku, Chioma Emmanuella

Ceaser weed (Urena lobata) fibers that are remotely and under-utilized being used in the replacement of expensive and imported fibers, in the development of polymer based composites for technical applications

Medical Devices/Disability Inclusion

561E4D69-571A-4783-84CB-D64B8B849163 - Young Innovation Leaders

Stella Omepa

Theragist is a psycho-social intervention platform that is designed to improve mental health in people. It operates on two models; individual and group therapy.

IMG_20211116_162209 - Daniel David (1)

David Daniel

A voice control solar powered wheelchair


Adeoye Michael Adekunle

A localy produced compatible and affordable prosthetic device (Artificial)

_20211116_155603 - Seyi Ojelabi

Ojelabi Seyi

NBot is a neural rehabilitation that serves as a virtual finger or leg.

20211116_153328 - Nathaniel George

Nathaniel George

CHEST meter is a medical device which saves the doctor’s time and makes the respiratory system physical examination more objective.

Mayowa Abejirin

A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based assistive application for increasing access to timely medical diagnosis and intervention for patients. This platform harnesses the power of AI to assist radiologists in making faster and more accurate predictions from 2D or 3D medical imaging data.