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Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (i-FAIR) is an initiative born out of the need to raise a generation of INNOVATORS, INVENTORS and RESEARCHERS in Nigeria; especially among the youths. It is a 6-months program enabling participants to transform ideas into reality by providing technological and educational tools, platforms, guidance, and mentoring by experts from the state of Israel and Nigeria.

  • Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria
  • Office of the Vice President of Nigeria
  • Skill “G” Nigeria Ltd (Technical Partner)
  • Tanir Corporation (Technical Partner)
  • Gregory University Uturu, Abia State (Technical Partner)
  • DeNovo Israel Ltd. (Technical Partner)
  1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria
  2. You must be 21 years and above
  3. You must hold a degree from a tertiary institution
  4. You must be smart, innovative and motivated
  5. You must have an innovative project you are working on, in one or more of the following fields:
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Food Technology, Renewable
  • Energy/Environmental Management
  • Medical Devices/Simulation
  • Social Responsibility/Solution for the Physically Challenged.
The on-site events will be held at the Skill “G” Innovation Center in Abuja. The 60-hour course will take place online via video conference.
  • 24th Sep – 31st Oct – Submission of applications
  • 1st Nov – 15th Nov – Selection of between 50-100 participants
  • 15th Nov – 31st Nov – Invitation distribution and preparations
  • 1st Dec – 3rd Dec – A 3-day gathering event/ course comprised of lectures, workshops, cultural events, and on-site trainings for successful applicants
  • 4th Dec – 1st Mar – Online certificate course
  • 2nd Mar – 4th Mar – Grand Finale Conference
  • 5th Mar and 5th Apr – Further development of prototypes in accordance with directions from experts and investors
  • 6th Apr-7th Apr – Second Grand Finale Conference giving the participants another chance to present their projects to potential investors after amendments and alterations
  • 8th Apr – entrepreneurs’ further growth and development

Successful applicants are entitles to the following benefits, free of charge:

  • A unique platform to transform ideas into inventions and develop working prototypes;
  • Free access and membership to a modern innovation center where they can work on and develop their ideas;
  • Access to a special certificate-course and mentoring by accomplished inventors, innovators, and researchers from Nigeria and the State of Israel;
  • The opportunity to enter “MassChallenge Israel, 2021”;
  • The opportunity to pitch inventions and prototypes to investors for possible adoption, patronage and partnership;
  • An all-expense paid visit to the State of Israel, for inventors with the best prototypes and chance for a Proof of Concept (POC) collaboration opportunity with leading Israeli companies.

Fill the application when available on the i0FAIR website. Applications are currently closed.

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