Mr. Roni Gordana is a technological consultant, mentor and entrepreneur. He is the owner of an independent form for positioning and technological entrepreneurship development in diverse fields of knowledge for companies and start-ups. He has rich and relevant knowledge in strategic technology consulting for early-stage ventures and companies with over 20 years of international experience.

Managing Partner of Grove Ventures

Mr. Moran is an investor, inventor and entrepreneur, who is best known as the inventor of the USB flash drive. He founded M-Systems, acquired by SanDisk for $US 1.6 billion in 2006. He also served as the chairman of Tower Semiconductors, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits, in which he led a massive overhaul. Under Moran’s guidance, the company achieved a notable turnaround and became an enormous success. Mr. Moran was awarded with multiple prizes, including Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, the prestigious Edward Rheine award, the Johnson Information Storage Systems Award and the Netexplo Talent of the Year award. He holds Honorary Doctorates from Israel’s Academic Center of Law & Science, the Moscow State Technical University and the Technion – the Israeli Institute of Technology. He lectures extensively in universities and schools, and serves as a mentor to many Israeli entrepreneurs – to which he assists in converting research and innovation into viable businesses.

Co-founder SpaceIL & Serial entrepreneur

Kfir is the co-founder of SpaceIL-, a mentor and public speaker on entrepreneurship and strategic thinking as well as a cyber-security and computer networking expert. SpaceIL’s team is working to land the first Israeli spaceship on the moon; once-in-a-lifetime mission  and secure Israel’s place as a world leader in science & technology.

Today Kfir serves as the Chief Strategy & Innovation of Hexa/Orbs, the biggest blockchain group in Israel and holds a few board member and advisor positions in business and social ventures. His work includes creating new strategic partnerships, inventing new initiatives and developing the long-term vision for the organizations.

CPA, economic consultant, lecturer, mentor for business advisors and strategic advisor

Amit Kolinski, CPA, economic consultant, lecturer and mentor for business advisors and entrepreneurs, accompanies businesses and non-profit organizations, serves as a strategic advisor to organizations, teaches economics, finance, accounting, pricing, financial statement analysis, company valuations, business entrepreneurship and more at academic institutions, certifies business consultants and directors, investigates the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses in Israel.

M.ED, Architectural Designer Special education teacher

Mrs. Hodeli Ayalon is an architectural designer and special education teacher. Due to her extensive experience with both special needs people and architecture, she became a co-founder of “Empathy Design” which offers individually tailored architectural solutions for people with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

C.P.A. (Isr.) CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)

Yehudah Barlev C.P.A. (Isr.) CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) Is one of the pioneers in the field of investigative Auditing. Served as an officer in the National Fraud Investigation Unit of the Israel Police and in other enforcement and security units. Yehudah Barlev   dealt with irregularities of public companies and banks, computer fraud, embezzlement in public bodies, economic crimes, other white-collar offenses and in preventing national-level corruption (outside Israel).

Yehudah Barlev has over 20 years’ experience in training of various enforcement agencies’ personnel in “white collar” investigations, including anti bribery and corruption (ABC) investigations (including on-site training).

PHD, Architect

Mrs. Lusi Morhayim is an architect focusing on the relationship between built environment and people. Prior to her PhD studies she was trained as an architect specializing in green building design. Currently, she advises, through her consultancy “Empathy Design”, public and private institutions regarding user-centered design strategies for the needs of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

CEO & co-founder, Hargol FoodTech

Dror Tamir is serial food and nutrition entrepreneur with one exit under his belt. His passion is improving the health of children and families through better nutrition. Dror is a 15 times international awards winning entrepreneur. Dror has held varied positions within several Israeli and international companies over the last 30 years, after a career at the Israeli Navy Budget Department.

Dror Tamir is the CEO & co-founder at Hargol FoodTech, a startup company, dedicated to the development and production of alternative protein ingredient from edible grasshoppers, the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm and owner of Biblical Protein brand.

Founder of Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Social Entrepreneur, Futuristic Thinker and Investor.

Social Entrepreneur, Futuristic Thinker and Investor with over 30 years of experience with Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Founder of Aladdin Knowledge Systems, (Nasdaq: ALDN) Developer of KnowPro, an AI program to help in decision-making processes, and HASP, a hardware-based software protection key. Author and lecturer of “Entrepreneurship, Technology, Evolution, and Singularity”. Past Chairman of SpaceIL. He is involved with a Singularity Incubator that supports and nourish early-stage technology start-ups that aim to address humanity’s greatest challenges. Supported the creation and development of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, including,,,,, and His famous lectures include “Homo-Sapiens 2.0, at DOKU: TECH”, “Dream it! Make it! – A TEDx Jerusalem talk on DIY and the Maker Movement”, The Last Machine – Towards a No-work World”, “Space-IL – Towards Landing a Spaceship on the Moon” and “Robots & Humans – Quo Vadis?”.

Chief Scientist at the Kitchen

David Nini, D. Sc. in Chemical Engineering and Applied Science (Columbia U, NYC) Chief Scientist at the Kitchen, a food-tech hub, searching and identifying innovative ideas, technological due diligence, preparation and submitting the application to the Israel Innovation Authorities while providing technical support and guidance to resident startups. Over 42 years of experience in the food industry in the USA and Israel. Between 1998 and 2001 served as a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley Din Witter, managing around 17.5 million dollars in assets.

Co-Founder and VP Business Development of Abundance Ltd.​

Co-Founder and VP Business Development of Abundance Ltd. – a producer of Spirulina and Spirulina based products.  Co-founder and CEO of Profitect Inc. (Sold to Zebra Technologies NASDAQ: ZBRA) dealing with prescriptive analytics solutions, using AI and machine learning technologies, to reduce and mitigate risks as well as to improve sales and profitability. Managing Partner at ICTS Global B.V. A consulting firm, specializing in risk management. Over 30 years of coaching and mentoring AI based start-up companies in various fields, such as bio-tech, supply-chain and security as well as problem identification, solution design and deployment, through customer success, business development and company management.

Financial consultant, Experienced accountant

Mrs. Elinor Wolf is highly experienced accountant and financial consultant; she possesses vast knowledge in the field of business building. She is a specializes in conducting market assessments, business plans, budget reports and due-diligence.

Director of the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Ben-Gurion University in Israel​

Director of the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, in which he leads frameworks designed for the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, and serves as the director of FacultyXL, an educational accelerator , founder of the Innovation Gateway technological hub, co-founder of 5 communities for developers and entrepreneurs, leader of two international open-innovation competitions, and more. An entrepreneur and an enthusiastic innovation – ecosystem promoter, and an innovation scouter. lectures around the world, backs and consults innovation promoters and ecosystem stakeholders. Owner of Yozma (Initiative) Consulting, a business consulting firm that has been delivering high-quality professional services for all levels startups from early-stage to multinationals, governments, foreign investors, and leading organizations from the hi-tech, business, and public sectors.

Director, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Advanced Research Center- SHESTCO, Abuja;​

Co-Center Leader, Pan African Materials Institute-African University of Science and Technology, Abuja.​

Dr. OluShola S. Odusanya is the Director, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Advanced Research Center of the Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO), Abuja and Co-Center Leader of the Pan African Materials Institute (PAMI) at the African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja. Odusanya has conducted research on reactive extrusion processing of biological polymers, elastomers and bone replacement cements some of which have had commercial applications. His research efforts within the PAMI group have led to the application of an indigenous drug candidate–Prodigiosin in the targeted treatment of breast cancer. He is the scientific adviser to the Board and co-founder of Biocrops Biotechnology Company Limited-a leading Biotech company in Abuja, Nigeria. He currently serves as the Regional Coordinator of the Maths and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa (MS4SSA)-an initiative to promote Innovative Teaching Methods and Good Learning Outcomes in Secondary Schools across West Africa.

Chair of the Department for Biotechnology Engineering at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev​

Professor Robert S. Marks is a Chair of the Department for Biotechnology Engineering at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, where he has established a laboratory of Biosensors since 1995. He has published 175+ peered-reviewed papers, while some of his patents have been licensed to several companies, including those startups he has founded such as (Singapore) and Eclipsedx (USA). He teaches bioentrepreneurship and helps students create startups such as Life Matters Ltd (Israel) and a couple more presently in formation.

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